Empowering Smallholder Farmers. Healing Our Planet.

Our impact

At Biochar Life, we're on a mission to tackle climate change, enhance public health, and alleviate rural poverty by working with smallholder farmers. We train communities in the creation of biochar and help them generate c-sink credits, putting more money back into their hands while making a global impact.

10 years; 10,000 farmers

Biochar Life and Warm Heart Worldwide have been teaching farmers how to make biochar for over 10 years. Our trainings and projects have been funded by: the American, Canadian and Swiss governments as well as thousands of individual donors from around the world. Accredited by the Ithaka Institute.

Over 10,000 farmers trained

Accredited by Ithaka Institute

International Biochar Initiative Trainings

Grants from US, Canada, Switzerland and others


Voices from our farmers

Join 10,000 happy farmers worldwide who are reaping crop and income benefits.