Biochar Training

Our training programs provide experienced trainers with years of experience working with smallholder farmers. Our training includes the preparation of biomass, making and applying biochar in the field. The training programs include:

Planning and scheduling, includes helping organizations ensure adequate feedstock, equipment and other training materials are available before training sessions.

Making biochar using the accepted method outlined in the Artisan guideline. (1 daily session - onsite)

Properly applying biochar for agriculture or livestock applications. (1 daily session - onsite)

Pricing: $2,000.00 USD ($1,000 per session). Includes 2 trainers and 25 participants. Additional participants up to 50 total can be included for $10.00 USD per participant.

The approach is to train the trainers so it’s recommended that participants include those team members who will train and work with the smallholder farmers.

*Prices do not include travel, material and equipment expenses.