Global Team

Experienced global leadership support our regional teams and stakeholders.

James Greenberg

Jason Highberger

Evelind Schecter
Co-Founder of Warm Heart, Accounting & Compliance

Sister Miriam Paulette
Strategic Advisor, & Liaison, Africa

Dr. Michael Shafer
Co-Founder of Warm Heart, Biochar Science & Methodologies

Alexander Petre
Director, Operations

Matt Rickard

Dr. Dana Brown
Strategic Advisor, Warm Heart Board Representation

Aom Kwanpiromtara Suksri
County Manager, Thailand

Sylvester G. Chiweza
County Manager, Malawi

Mercy Awuoro Ogembo
County Manager, Kenya

Luki Fathia
Country Manager, Indonesia

Som Pimpanit Puttiseth
Marketing Executive